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EcoVadis was founded to help procurement teams and their supply & service partners find a common ground to solve this CSR challenge.


With the EcoVadis CSR Scorecards you can measure and demonstrate your company’s CSR performance on a rich, multi-tiered scale, and share it with multiple clients with maximum credibility, confidentiality and control.

In the current global environment, businesses are evaluated by their sustainability progress as much as their financial progress. However, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not have the resources nor the knowledge to develop their sustainable expertise. Nexio Projects accompanies these SMEs in their path towards higher sustainability rankings, by piloting them through various essential audits.
We are a young start-up team, consisting of enthusiastic, positive and energetic team members who want to make this world a better place – by assisting those enterprises that might not be able do so themselves.

Nexio Projects is the official partner of EcoVadis for the Belgium and Dutch regions. Trainings are provided in Dutch, French and English. Nexio Projects provides various products and services, including free webinars and onsite training sessions, depending on your preferences regarding EcoVadis. Would you consider yourself a beginner, willing to find out about the EcoVadis basics? Have you already answered the assessment multiple times and seek to improve your performance? Or would you like to increase your expertise on sustainability by fully mastering EcoVadis’ principles and methodology?

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Nexio Projects’ goal is to help companies understand EcoVadis, why they should respond, what is involved, how it works. The content of the trainings cover the general methodology of EcoVadis, sustainable procurement and how to understand the scorecard which is applicable to all supplier sectors. We offer transparent information about EcoVadis’ assessment and improve your underlying CSR management system.

Nexio’s EcoVadis complete

Through Nexio’s EcoVadis complete our team will fill out the questionnaire with the right existing documents for you, after which the results help identify the appropriate CSR improvement strategy. Through answering the questionnaire, proper document selection and additional document suggestions, the system is able to fill in the appropriate answers. Hereafter, a corrective actions plan is made which contains a prioritized improvement plan, complete with solutions. In order to achieve this, Nexio Projects analyses each individual document to provide specific guidance on future improvement. We offer a transparent perspective to the EcoVadis assessment and improve your underlying CSR management system.

EcoVadis questionnaire response guidance

This service will help you get an understanding of the questions in the EcoVadis assessment, what sort of documents should be collected or created, and the optimal responses in the EcoVadis questionnaire based on the practices you have in place.

The Nexio Projects team will guide you through the whole EcoVadis process, which entails a tailor made sustainability strategy, implementation plan and EcoVadis assessment procedures.

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Challenges with EcoVadis


  1. My client requests an audit! What Now?

Currently, major international companies added to their supply chain a set of sustainability targets including the EcoVadis rating requirement for their suppliers. The goal of this change is to incorporate the sustainability vision of the international entity throughout their whole supply chain. As a result, suppliers are required to perform changes to their internal and external processes in order to remain a supplier and stay in the league of their industry.

To identify how you could improve your scoring in a reasonable amount of time, Nexio Projects recommends to perform a Questionnaire Response Guidance which will provide you with the best results to your sustainability journey.

  1. First time faced with EcoVadis

Were you asked to take the EcoVadis questionnaire? And is it the first time that you need to fill in the EcoVadis assessment?

No problem, for every company there is a moment to start your EcoVadis journey.

If you are a major player or a small company, Nexio Projects can advise you on how to prioritize, check and understand if your answers are in line with the EcoVadis methodology. We dispose of all the knowledge needed in order for you to plan your EcoVadis Journey. As an official partner of EcoVadis, we are here to help you in every moment of your EcoVadis journey.

  1. Small companies

Nexio Projects has set up an EcoVadis package specifically for small- to medium enterprises [SMEs] in order to answer the current demand of the market. We have experienced that there are quite some difficulties concerning which specific supporting documents to attach for the EcoVadis assessment. More often than not, small companies do not have a department dedicated to- or an employee responsible for sustainability in their business, hence the need to resort to external experts.

Small companies thus opted for our solutions in order to understand how the questionnaire needs to be filled in and what the methodology is behind EcoVadis.

  1. EcoVadis and subsidiaries

Large enterprises with a set of subsidiaries, in many cases, have a target in terms of scoring. This is due to the fact that, in order to remain a supplier of their major account, they need to attain or maintain a specific score.

Nexio Projects provides you with an immediate response in 24 hours, where we will be able to identify how your sustainability journey could be evaluated.

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