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Sustainability is the change the world needs!

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We want to become part of the solution, not the pollution!

 Nexio Projects

Our Story

All of us at Nexio Projects passionately hold the belief that sustainability, in other words known as Corporate Social Responsibility is the change the world needs.

We lead small- to medium businesses [SME/SMEs] toward internationally recognized Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] audits. In a world where businesses are measured just as much by their sustainability progress as they are by their financial progress we guide them to reach their highest CSR ranking[s]. We evaluate the current situation of the business and we complete the assessment required by the certified entity together with management after which we follow up on the corrective actions and provide advice on future Key Performance Indicators [KPI].

It is our dream that companies will achieve a 100% transparency across their supply chain and that companies will see the competitive advantage of sharing information with others entities. We believe that Nexio Projects will help make this a reality by collaborating with the major CSR audit companies today and helping the upper segment as well as the Small Medium Enterprises’. We believe that there should be no difference between these two segments. The end goal is to implement a supply chain that is fully transparent avoiding any disruptions in the future.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers the 4 major CSR pillars


  Labor practices & human rights

  Fair business practices

  Sustainable procurement.


"Our end goal is helping companies make meaningful and sustainable improvements and make a positive impact in the world."

Our Culture

It all starts with the culture of the company. At Nexio Projects we believe it is crucial to know where the business is heading. In other words, you need to work towards a goal in order to have a successful and sustainable company. Nexio Projects is constantly looking for staff that are dedicated to sustainability and that want to make the world a better place. Some become doctors because of their drive to help people. Nexio Projects on the other hand, is looking to help companies understand the purpose of sustainability and show how these changes can be implemented in your company. We believe in creating an environment of transparency, where we share our knowledge and acquire new opportunities through these connections. With our team and advisory board, we believe we can make a change in the European market that will have a significant impact in the business to business supply chain. Why are small- and medium businesses left out?

Advisory Board

The advisory board members of Nexio Projects, are distinguished leaders in business throughout the whole of Europe. Nexio Projects works closely with the advisory board to stay connected with issues and practices of management in business, to ensure our sustainability programs serve the needs of businesses, that our research makes an impact on internal and external supply chain. This influential group provides an on-going pipeline of ideas, knowledge and advice that serves to shape Nexio Projects’ strategic agendas. Members are high level managers from corporate industries, entrepreneurs or members of influential committees in Europe.

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