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We encourage our clients to incorporate annual CSR reviews into their annual reports.


We encourage our clients to incorporate annual CSR reviews into their annual reports.

Your annual report will increase your company’s transparency, permitting you to share your organization’s social and environmental efforts with the general public.

Several types of reports need to be performed yearly such as the global annual report, GRI sustainability reports and others.

Additionally, general reporting is not enough in our evolving world and it is of great importance to establish the right Key Performance Indications (KPI’s). These are necessary in order to manage and monitor material issues and opportunities such as environmental performance, health and safety performance and human capital management.

Nexio Projects guides you through the set-up of all necessary systems which allow you to measure, monitor, benchmark and report data – both internally and externally. After implementing a fully integrated KPI, tracking and analysis is made tailored to your business in order to provide you with a clear overview of your position in the market.



The GRI is an international independent organization, also known as the ‘Pioneer of Sustainability Reporting’, that publishes CSR reporting guidelines.

“The GRI helps businesses and governments worldwide understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being.”

The GRI is divided into general disclosures and specific standard disclosures. This split in disclosures emphasises the Sustainability strategy of the company as a general perspective. Additionally, the GRI refers to specific CSR topics such as CO2 emissions, child labor, sustainable procurement etc.

You would like to launch a GRI report but have no idea where to start?

Providing us with information about your competitors and partners, will enable us at Nexio Projects to gather all the necessary information to make your sustainable strategy as complete as possible. Our consultants will help you collect the right pieces of data and complete the GRI index with you. In principle the G4-guideline are the basis of the reporting principles. In this case it is important to consult your stakeholders and to report on matters that are key to your company.

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