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De Lijn

“De Lijn onboarded with Nexio Projects in order to perform a Sustainability Status Check. Being the biggest employer of Belgium, the strategy department wanted to start performing an assessment in order to understand how sustainable the processes are within their supply chain. When all the results will be presented to management based on the Sustainability Development Goals, Nexio Projects will advise De Lijn on the best sustainable future they could encounter. “

Bert van Hemelen – Directie Strategie De Lijn

Sustainability Status Check

“LC Packaging has decided to follow the process optimalisation journey with Nexio Projects. Here we analysed all the processes of the whole supply chain and implemented new procedures, policies and actions with regard to sustainability. Second of all, we performed the EcoVadis assessment in order to rate their supply chain and see where LC Packaging is positioned after the optimalisation.”

Lotte Mastwijk – Sustainability Manager LC Packaging

Process Optimalisation | EcoVadis


“Solar Nederland B.V. onboarded with Nexio Projects in order to perform a Sustainability Check. The goal of Solar Nederland is to be aware of they current sustainability status. Hereafter the necessary steps will be taken in order to improve the internal and external processen. As many economist say, companies improving their sustainability status are the companies that are outperforming”

Rob Sparnaay – Business Development Manager

Sustainability Status Check

“Novio Packaging Group has been active since 1978 in the packaging industry and has aquired many different entities through the last couples of years. As a result Novio decided to onbard with the Sustainability Status Check in order to see how they are currently performing with regards to Sustainability. With the results of the check, Novio will take the necessary steps in order to create a unity within their organisation and their different entities throughout the world.”

Karin Vermaat – Continuous Improvement Specialist
Sustainability Status Check | EcoVadis


“Reclamebureau IVC strives to optimally organise its business operations as sustianble as possible. Customer requests on ESG ratings, led us to the well-known platform of EcoVadis, since some of our customers are already EcoVadis certified. Nexio Projects is the official partner of EcoVadis in the Benelux which is why we reached out to them. Together we started the EcoVadis journey.

Nexio Projects analysed the current sustainability performance of Reclamebureau IVC as also consulted on the existing opportunities that we could take. Because of the fruitful cooperation with Nexio Projects we established to get the EcoVadis Gold-rating, and we were able to make an impressive progress in the area of CSR.”

Michel Baak – Owner Reclamebureau – IVC B.V.
Ecovadis Rating GOLD

“Xindao has always been on the forefront in our industry, especially concerning CSR for which we launched our Vision2020 sustainability plan in 2014. To keep our position as frontrunner in the Promotional and Gift Industry, we chose EcoVadis because it incorporates all aspects of CSR in its assessment and it provides a framework for moing forward. With consultnacy by Nexio Projects we achievevd the Gold Rating from where we will continue to grow and set our goals even higher.”

Albert van der Veen – CEO Xindao B.V.
Ecovadis Rating GOLD


‘The start of our Sustainability Journey’

Our sustainability journey started with the self-assessment of EcoVadis. As you may know large companies require you to obtain a certain rating in order to be accepted in their supply chain. With the support of Nexio Projects we were able to initiate our sustainability journey and understand the complexity of the whole EcoVadis process. The latter allowed us to make sustainability improvements in our processes and to work towards a more sustainable environment. As of today, due to our changes in processes with Nexio Projects we achieved the Gold Recognition and be part of the top 5% in the promotional industry.”

Lizz Bosschaert – ZEDD N.V.
Ecovadis Rating GOLD + Nexio Training Center

XL Concept has been working for a long time on sustainability and CSR. And now in 2018 XL Concept achieved a new milestone in the promotional products industry and was rated with the EcoVadis Gold Recognition. With the support of Nexio Projects we are part of the top 5% in the promotional industry. With our team and Nexio Projects we are already working towards new steps for the 2019 sustainability vision of XL Concept.

Joris Alberts – Managing Partner XL Concept
Ecovadis Rating GOLD


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