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Marketing Intern

For our Marketing Intern position, Nexio Projects is looking for a talented online marketing intern and talented team player, with both strong social and commercial skills. You will be in chargeof the online marketing strategy of our firm. Secondly, you will be fully responsible for the strategy regarding the company website. Additionally, you will be the person to promote our company to the outside world and get the chance to implement your perception of our company to the viewers. We are open for your ideas to increase traffic and conversion.


Junior Consultant Intern

One thing you need to know about Nexio, we listen to everyone. Whether you are an intern, manager, CEO We always listen, and we always IMPLEMENT! We believe that having a horizontal structure is one of our main strengths, and we are willing to leverage this strength to make you eager in joining our team! At Nexio, we get things done since day one. We are efficient, hardworking and love to banter.

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